Everything You could wish to Know about Navigation on Sandusky Bay

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Everything You could wish to Know about Navigation on Sandusky Bay
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Our eminent Sandusky member, Gordon Wendt, is the author of a 163-page softcover book entitled IN THE WAKE OF THE "WALK-IN-THE-WATER" - The Marine History of Sandusky, Ohio. In it, Gordon details the history of navigation in the Sandusky Bay area of Lake Erie from 1818 up to the present. He includes mention of all ships known to have visited the area, together with details of the history of those vessels, and the text is liberally illustrated with photographs, many of them extremely rare. There is a general index, together with directories of shipping lines, excursion boats, freighters, tugs, local marine accidents, and cargoes handled at the port over the years.

Gordon has made a lifelong study of his subject, and we can think of no one who is more qualified to write such a book. It is a must for any lake marine library, and is all the more valuable in that Gordon has kindly donated all proceeds from the sale of the book to "Friends of the Boeckling", the group that is restoring the old double-ended sidewheel steam ferry G. A. BOECKLING at Sandusky, a most worthy cause indeed. To order the book, address "Friends of the Boeckling", P. O. Box 736, Sandusky, Ohio 44870, U.S.A., and enclose remittance for $28.83 in U.S. Funds (which includes tax, postage and handling) . When ordering, please indicate whether you wish Gordon to autograph your copy.


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