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As members will be aware, we usually schedule our regular meetings for the first Friday of each month, October through April. We had, accordingly, set the October meeting for Friday, October 5th, secure in the knowledge that that date would cause no problems. Unfortunately, on relatively short notice, a "singer" by the name of Michael Jackson decided to hold a "concert" at Exhibition Stadium on the evenings of October 5 and 6. With the stadium expected to be sold out for these events, we realized that we had no alternative but to reschedule our meeting, for traffic in the area of the Marine Museum would be hopelessly snarled and parking space almost non-existant [sic] on those evenings.

As a result, we were forced to delay our meeting for one week, until October 12th, in the interest of accessibility of the Museum to our members. We attempted to notify as many members as possible regarding this change, but we could not contact everyone on such short notice. We sincerely regret any inconvenience that this last minute and totally unexpected change of plans may have caused to any of our members.


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