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On page three of this issue, we have mentioned the sale of the Cleveland-Cliffs Steamship Company's straight-deck bulk carrier PONTIAC to Marine Salvage Ltd. for scrapping. The 67-year-old steamer, which was repowered back in 1955, has spent the last several seasons laid up at Toledo. On Saturday, October 6th, she was towed into Port Colborne by the Malcolm Marine tugs BARBARA ANN and TUG MALCOLM, and was laid away in the scrapyard at Ramey's Bend. We understand that present plans call for PONTIAC's bowthruster to be removed, and for the rest of the ship to be dismantled once the Marine Salvage crews have completed the scrapping of the former Interlake Steamship Company's maritime-class steamer E. G. GRACE.

The former Westdale Shipping Ltd. self-unloading steamer ERINDALE, (a) W. F. WHITE (76), has been inactive this year as a result of her owner's failure. She spent last winter at the Century stone dock at Humberstone, and in the spring was moved back down into the old canal between Humberstone and Dain City. In the interim, there has been much speculation concerning the future of the 69-year-old vessel. We now understand that M. & M. Metals of Hamilton will move the vessel to the outer end of the east pier in Port Colborne harbour and dismantle her there as soon as the last remains of NORDALE have been scrapped at that location. M. & M. Metals is the same firm that has been dismantling SILVERDALE at Windsor this year.



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