The Mid-Summer Issue

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Title Page
The Editor's Notebook
Marine News
The October Meeting
The Mid-Summer Issue
Welland Canal Historical Print Series
Anyone Selling Slides?
Ship of the Month No. 131 Haddington
Everything You could wish to Know about Navigation on Sandusky Bay
Photographs Wanted
The Anatomy of a Side-launch
Herbert E. Koepke
Additional Marine News
Table of Illustrations

With the Mid-Summer issue of "Scanner", we changed printers in an effort to keep publication costs in line with our budget. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the printer (who has had much previous experience with our publication), mechanical problems were encountered, with the result that a number of copies were missing one side of various pages. We caught most of these defective copies whilst we were inserting the photopage, and the printer redid the remainder to ensure that they were complete. To our dismay, however, a few copies included in our original mailing were defective, and eluded our inspection, and hence a few members received faulty issues. (It should be noted that we never print on the inside of the cover nor on the outside of the back cover, so those are not the pages involved.)

Most of the defective copies have been returned for replacement, but if you have one that is missing one side of a page, please advise us and we will send you a replacement page to insert in your copy. We are assured that we will not have a recurrence of this problem, and we express our sincere apologies to those who may have been inconvenienced by these problems.


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