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The Editor's Notebook
Marine News
The October Meeting
The Mid-Summer Issue
Welland Canal Historical Print Series
Anyone Selling Slides?
Ship of the Month No. 131 Haddington
Everything You could wish to Know about Navigation on Sandusky Bay
Photographs Wanted
The Anatomy of a Side-launch
Herbert E. Koepke
Additional Marine News
Table of Illustrations
1 PINEGLEN, in tow of GLENEVIS and GLENSIDE, leaves Toronto en route to Port Maitland for scrapping, September 27, 1984. Photo by Bill Wilson.
2 ST. LAWRENCE, recently sold for scrapping, is upbound in the St. Mary's River in this July 18, 1976 photo by J. H. Bascom.
3 Surrounded by small boats, BRITANNIA, with H.M. The Queen aboard, arrives at Toronto, September 29, 1984. Photo from TRILLIUM by the Editor.
4 A Young photo, dated 1916, shows HADDINGTON upbound in Little Rapids Cut. Note the whirly cranes on deck.
5 Another Young photo, this one taken in 1927 at Little Rapids Cut, shows MAPLEHILL with her upper pilothouse and her new masts with cargo booms.
6 OAKBRANCH is seen at the McColl-Frontenac dock, Toronto, in this photo c. 1939 by J. H. Bascom.

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