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The Light on Chantry Island: It is our usual rule that we only review in our pages those books which may be written or published by T.M.H.S. members (for want of space to include all books of marine interest). We make an exception in this case because this 8 1/2" by 8" softcover volume, by Mary Weeks-Mifflin and Ray Mifflin, touches so closely on the Chantry Island escapades of MANITOBA and QUEBEC which we have related in recent issues of "Scanner". The book deals primarily with the Chantry Island (Southampton, Ontario) lighthouse and its keepers, and the ships which made history in the area. It contains forty black and white photos, and the lighthouse is illustrated in colour on the cover. A most worthy small volume, it may be ordered from Broad Horizons Books, P.O. Box 2259, Port Elgin, Ontario N0H 2C0. Enclose $9.95 plus 75 cents for postage and handling to Canada, $1.00 to the U.S.A.

Ships Along the Seaway - Volume Four: A sixty-page softcover, this is the latest volume in Skip Gillham's "Ships Along the Seaway" series which began in 1971. Assorted representatives of nine types of ships are described and illustrated, while Chapter Ten updates vessel information which was contained in the earlier books. Photo reproduction is much improved and is of excellent quality, including the colour photo on the front cover. To order address Stonehouse Publications, 17 Queen Street, St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 5G5, enclosing $9.95 plus $1.00 for postage and handling.

The Welland Canal - A Visitor's Guide: This 24-page effort, in large format, profusely illustrated, is a joint production of Skip Gillham and Don Revell (geography and history consultant to the Lincoln County Board). Intended to explain the operation of ships and the canal to visitors, it features a spectacular colour cover photo of QUETICO taken from atop Bridge 5 at Merritton. The book sells for $6.95 at the Lock 3 information centre and elsewhere, and may appear in bookstores. If you cannot locate it, contact Vanwell Publishing Limited, 1 Northrup Crescent, P.O. Box 2131, Station 'B', St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 6P5.

Namesakes 1910-1919 - Steel Steamers Gone to War: The ninth volume in John 0. Greenwood's "Namesakes" series, a 507-page hardcover, moves back yet another decade to cover ships that went out of service on the lakes in the years surrounding the First World War. It follows the same format as the other volumes in the series. To order, contact Freshwater Press Inc., 1701 East 12th Street, Suite 3KW, Cleveland, Ohio 44114-3201, U.S.A.


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