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The Editor's Notebook
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Ship of the Month No. 148 GLENELLAH
Dr. Richard J. Wright
Carmona Revisited - Once Again!
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Another Crossing In Cayuga
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MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS FOR THE 1986-87 SEASON ARE NOW DUE AND PAYABLE. Our new season begins in October and we hope that all our loyal members will renew for the coming year. Fees remain at $15.00 per annum and, as we cannot mail out individual billings, we would appreciate your attention to this notice, as well as your early remittance addressed to William R. Wilson, 173 Glenrose Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4T 1K7. THIS IS THE LAST ISSUE THAT WILL BE SENT TO THOSE WHO DO NOT RENEW. We would like to express our sincere thanks to those who have already paid their dues. Won't you please join them, if you have not already done so?

At this, the beginning of our nineteenth volume of "Scanner", the eighteenth with Ye Ed. at the typewriter, we wish to thank all of our regular correspondents who keep us supplied with marine news, either via the mails or the telephone. Without them, we could not exist. If you have noticed a lack of items in this journal concerning marine happenings in your area, please take a minute and drop us a note from time to time. We cannot send a personal reply to every letter, but we would be glad to hear from you. Remember that "Scanner" is YOUR publication and it needs your help.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to James Wintringham Sr. of Naples, Florida, to J. R. Elliott of Thunder Bay, to Bradley Beam of Milford, Michigan, and to Capt. Charles M. Lamb of Owen Sound.


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