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The Editor's Notebook
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More About The Steamer J. H. Jones
Ship of the Month No. 148 GLENELLAH
Dr. Richard J. Wright
Carmona Revisited - Once Again!
Book Reviews
Another Crossing In Cayuga
Table of Illustrations
1 SALVAGE MONARCH, W.W. HOLLOWAY and M. McALLISTER are downbound at the Iroquois Lock in this August 31, 1986 photo by Ron Beaupre.
2 JOHN E. F. MISENER, in tow of GLENSIDE, GLENEVIS, and STORMONT, is downbound at Port Robinson. Photo by the Editor, September 8, 1986.
3 The Editor's camera captured GOLDEN HIND on September 9, 1986, bound out of Toronto's Eastern Gap on her last trip.
4 The severely damaged J. H. JONES undergoes repairs on the Owen Sound drydock after her 1898 collision with PACIFIC.
5 The date is 1922 and GLENELLAH is downbound at Little Rapids Cut in this Young photo.
6 The camera of J. H. Bascom caught CALGARIAN upbound below W. S. C. Lock One in May of 1955.

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