Lay-up Listings - Winter 1983-84

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Lay-up Listings - Winter 1983-84
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We are pleased to note the following additions and amendments to the winter lay-up listings that were contained in the February issue. Remember that we list only major commercial vessels; unless specifically noted, we do not include small ferries, tugs, workboats, dredges, derrick scows, etc.

Milwaukee: To previous list, add - GEMINI and JUPITER (arrived mid-January).

Sarnia: To previous list, add - EASTERN SHELL (arrived February 8).

Port Huron: To previous list, add - BADGER STATE.

Montreal: To previous list, add - IMPERIAL LACHINE, RIVERSHELL, TEXACO CHIEF. From previous list, delete - NONIA (departed February 4).

Sorel: From previous list, delete - CHEMICAL TRANSPORT, DOAN TRANSPORT and FEDERAL PIONEER (all back in service during February).

We sincerely thank the following members who passed along this information: Rene Beauchamp, Cyril Hudson, Gerard Kapes, Andy LaBorde and Bill Luke. We extend thanks to all who have contributed to this two-issue version of our annual lay-up list. We feel that this report is of importance for the benefit of researchers in years to come, and also that it provides an excellent forum for the participation of our members in the preparation of "Scanner".


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