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During 1983, the Toronto Marine Historical Society suffered the loss of two members of its executive committee, with the death of Scotty McCannell on March 1st, and of Jim Kidd on December 10th. Bill Wilson, who was already a member of the committee, was named to take over the duties of treasurer and has been functioning in that capacity since the New Year.

It is with great pleasure that the committee announces that Roger Chapman has accepted its unanimous nomination to become a member of the executive. Roger, who lives in Hamilton, joined the Society a number of years ago, and has since become one of our most enthusiastic members. He has given freely of his time and materials in support of our Society, and has served as our projectionist at many recent meetings. He earlier donated a slide projector for the use of T.M.H.S., and is currently attempting to obtain a movie projector for our regular use. He has frequently brought large numbers of duplicate slides to our meetings, and graciously has offered them, entirely free of charge, to any other members who might wish any of them.

Those of our members who have met Roger will certainly know why we have asked him to serve on the committee. We are extremely pleased that he has agreed to accept our nomination, and we can assure all T.M.H.S. members that Roger will be a most valuable member of the committee, and that his support of our Society will be unequalled.


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