Index of Seaway Ocean Vessels 1983

Table of Contents

Title Page
The Editor's Notebook
Executive Committee Appointment
Parking Problems on Meeting Night
Marine News
Ship of the Month No. 127 GEORGE A. GRAHAM
A Captain's Indiscretion
Index of Seaway Ocean Vessels 1983
Lay-up Listings - Winter 1983-84
Our Member - The T.V. Star
Late Marine News
Dinner Meeting Reminder
Table of Illustrations

Member Rene Beauchamp of Montreal is an avid ship observer and historian and an expert on vessels using the Seaway. He has produced an eleven-page index of all salties that made their first trip through the Seaway (under their current name) during the 1983 season. The ships are listed alphabetically, along with date of first passage, flag of registry, year of build, Gross Tonnage, former names, and dates of rename. Parties interested in obtaining a copy of the index should address Mr. Rene Beauchamp, 9043 Belle-rive, Montreal, Quebec H1L 3S5. Cost per copy is $2.65, including postage.


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