Parking Problems on Meeting Night

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Parking Problems on Meeting Night
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As many of our members who regularly attend our meetings will be aware, a large number of public shows and other functions are held throughout the year in the Canadian National Exhibition grounds, particularly in the Coliseum and in the Automotive Building. As both of these facilities are located close to the Marine Museum, where we meet, members may experience parking difficulties if one of our meetings and one of those various shows may coincide in date. A case in point will be the Home Show, which will on at the same time as our April meeting.

As a result, members driving to the meeting should probably leave a bit of extra time to get into the grounds. Remember that, if there should be a parking attendant on duty, just mention that you are going to the Museum and you will not be charged for parking. As the parking lot in front of the Museum may well be filled, members would be best advised to park in the small area directly behind the museum.


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