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Last month in these pages we reported the recent demise of the Greek motorship XENY, the former PRINS WILLEM II (II) of the Oranje Lijn. We stated that to the best of our knowledge she had not returned to the lakes since her sale out of the Dutch flag in 19-68. Well wouldn't you just know it? It seems that our best knowledge just was not good enough.

Three of our members, namely Gordon Turner, Barry Andersen and Dan Cornillie, all got in touch with us to advise that XENY did make at least one trip into the lakes. Seems that she passed up the Welland Canal on July 31. 1971 and was back down again on August 19th. Dan was even kind enough to send along a photo of her in the canal. We regret that a shortage of space on our photopage has made it impossible to share the view with our readers.


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