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By the time most of you receive this issue, our Annual Dinner Meeting will have come and gone. At the time of this writing, we are expecting a good crowd for the meal itself and also for the address by our guest speaker. We wish to thank Mr Thomas E. Appleton for coming all the way from Ottawa to speak to us on the history and vessels of the famous Allan Line. Mr Appleton is an excellent speaker and this meeting cannot fail to be the highlight of our season.

As usual, your Program Committee will be taking a well-earned vacation during the summer months and accordingly we will not meet again as a group until October. Nevertheless, we are certain that impromptu meetings will be held as usual along the Welland Canal, at the Huron Cut under the Bluewater Bridge, and along the banks of the St. Mary's River. We'll see you there.

And this ink-stained wretch will also be taking a bit of a holiday from his editorial desk to air out the cobwebs and get set for a new season of literary excellence! But just to make sure that you don't forget about us (how could you?), we'll be coming your way with our Mid-Summer issue in July. Until then, best wishes for a happy summer of shipwatching.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to William Wayhill of Toronto, to Ted Belcher of Victoria Harbour and to Bill Casey of Redford Township, Michigan.


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