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That was the title of a book by James Cooke Mills which appeared in 1910, published by A. C. McClurg and Company, Chicago. A hardcover of almost 400 pages, the book dealt specifically with the Great Lakes and with "their shipping and commerce for three centuries", and was well illustrated with many interesting photos of lake vessels of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. But in recent years the book has become increasingly difficult to obtain and hence has become quite a collector's item.

Those who were not able to lay their hands on a copy of the first printing will, we are sure, be happy to know that the book is once more available, a welcome addition to the bookshelf of any shipping observer. Our Inland Seas has been reprinted by Freshwater Press Inc. and the reprint is an exact reproduction of the original 1910 version, complete with its engraved cover. Even the original photographs have reproduced well.

Our Inland Seas is available from Freshwater Press Inc., 258 The Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio 44114, U.S.A. Cost of the book is $9.50 and it will be shipped postpaid to those whose orders are accompanied by payment in full.


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