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We are always pleased to recognize in these pages the literary efforts of those of our members who manage to get their words into print, either in books or in regular displays of their journalistic talents. The latest of our members to achieve this plateau is Alan Sykes of Welland, a gentleman who has been a member of our Society for about a year and who has attended a number of our regular meetings.

Alan is at present doing a weekly column for the Welland Tribune. Entitled Ships of the Canal, it is currently appearing on a trial basis but, it is hoped, will soon become a regular feature of the journal from the Rose City. Each column consists of a photo of the vessel under study together with a fairly detailed account of its history. Alan opened his series with LEMOYNE.

We wish Alan well with his new venture and would recommend to our readers that, if possible, they should obtain a copy of the Welland Tribune so that they may see the fruits of his efforts for themselves.


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