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It is with great regret that we must report the death at Toronto on December 12th, 1971, of C. H. J. Snider, one of this area's best known marine historians.

Mr. Snider, who was in his ninety-second year, had been associated with the "Evening Telegram" for the better part of his life, having served the paper for over six decades. His highest position was that of Managing Editor and he also was a trustee of the estate of John Ross Robertson, the Telegram's founder. In addition, he was the author of many books, including seven on early lake shipping, and was an accomplished marine artist.

C. H. J. Snider will, however, be best remembered for his weekly column "Schooner Days" which ran Saturdays in the Telegram for more than a quarter of a century beginning in 1931. In it, he described in vivid detail the lake shipping scene of the late nineteenth century, touching on both sail and steam, and drawing on experience gained from his own years of service aboard such sailing vessels as the ALBACORE and the famous STUART H. DUNN. He wrote in a familiar and warm style that still can hold one's interest no matter how many times he is read.

With his death, we have lost a great figure in our field of interest. It is to be hoped that all our members may some day have the opportunity of reading some of his works.


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