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Listed are salt water ships which have traded into the lakes along with former names under which they may have appeared in these parts. We do not include every former name and only show the most recent flag flown.

AFRICAN PRINCE (PINEMORE), 3597, 1955. British. Sold within U.K., renamed MALDIVE MAIL.

ALPHA (TAPPUZ), 5099, 1954. Panamanian. Sold within Panama.

ANIK (GHISLAIN , GHISLAIN MARIE), 1134, 1949. Canadian. Sold to Cayman Islands, renamed MAYA.

ATHELCROWN, 11149, 194-9. British. Sold to Spanish breakers.

AUGSBURG, 2741, 1952. West German. Sold Hungarian, renamed TISZA.

BARBARA, 4410, 1953. West German. Sold Panamanian, renamed ZENO.

ELISABETH BERGER, 3696, 1954. West German. Sold Panamanian.

MATHILDE BOLTEN, 12012, 1961. West German. Sold Greek, renamed SCAPHILL.

DEA BROVIG, 10917, 1951. Norwegian. Sold Cypriot, renamed JAN-JAN.

CITTA DI BEIRUT (PRINS WILLEM IV), 1534, 1944. Italian. Sold Cypriot, renamed TREMCO SUN.

EBBA (ELSIE WINCK), 2555, 1955. West German. Sold Greek.

ERATO, 2274, 1957. German. Sold Indian, renamed SALEEMA.

ETEOKLIS (ALGENIB), 5574, 1937. Greek. Sold Cypriot.

FEDERAL TYNE (SCOTTISH TRADER), 11563, 1962. British. Sold Panamanian, renamed FEDERAL SALSO.

GOTHIC PRINCE (PRINS WILLEM II), 1965, 1955. Greek. Sold within Greece, renamed XENY.

GRAND STATE (MARGARET BOWATER), 6481. 1955. Liberian. Sold to Taiwan breakers.

HORIZON (CONCORDIA LORD, LORD VIKING), 5010, 1960. Panamanian. Sold within Panama.

JACARANDA (MALAGA, AUGUST SARTORI). 1591, 1953. Greek. Sold within Greece but stranded to a total loss 40 miles from East London, September 18th, 1971.

JALAVIHAR, 7179, 1955. Indian. Sold Greek, renamed MARILION.

JEAN L. D., 7109, 1957. French. Sold Greek, renamed ION.

KAIYO MARU, 3529, 1958. Japanese. Sold Greek, renamed BALTIC KLIF (and since traded into lakes.)

KYONAN MARU, 2703, 1966, Japanese. Sold Greek, renamed STEELY CARRIER (and since traded into lakes).

KYOYO MARU, 2456, 1966. Japanese. Sold Greek, renamed STEELY RUNNER (and since traded into lakes).

LEADA, 5251, 1961. West German. Sold Israeli, renamed LEORA.

LEARINA, 5104, 1958. West Gorman. Sold Liberian, renamed LAMDA.

LOWS L. D., 7109, 1957. French. Sold Greek, renamed LILY M.

MATA (LINGESTROOM), 748, 1947. Greek. Sold Cypriot, renamed TREMCO UNITY.

MERLIN, 7235, 1945. Greek. Sold to Mainland Chinese breakers.

MIMI M. (TRISTAN), 4714, 1956. Cypriot. Sold Italian.

NEPTUN, 4386, 1952. West German. Sold Liberian, renamed NEPTUN D.

DORA OLDENDORFF, 3807, 1954. West German. Sold Greek, renamed ANNA B.

GEBE OLDENDORFF (DIONE), 1528, 1940, West German. Renamed MAGNET.

LUDOLF OLDENDORFF, 2388, 1952. West German. Sold Italian, renamed CAPITANO VITO.

ORIENT LINER, 7787, 1945. Greek. Sold to Taiwan breakers.

ORIENT TRANSPORTER, 5684, 1949. Greek. Sold to Turkish breakers.

ORNEFJELL, 4973, 1955, Norwegian. Sold within Norway.

OSSIA (KENTUCKIAN, TRANSCAPE), 9637, 1945. Panamanian. Sold to Taiwan breakers.

ANNA PRESTHUS, 10139, 1958. Norwegian. Sold Greek, renamed GREEN PARK.

PROSPERITY (PRINS ALEXANDER), 2280, 1947. Greek. Sold within Greece, renamed IOANNIS.

SAN ANTONIO (MANCHESTER_PIONEER), 2929, 1952. Greek. Scrapped.

ELISABETH SCHULTE, 2285, 1956. West German. Sold Liberian, renamed ST. HELEN.

HERMANN SCHULTE (ADOLPH GLEUE), 1963, 1953. West German. Sold Greek, renamed ALEXIS G.

LUCIE SCHULTE, 1592, 1954. West German. Sold within Germany, renamed TEVEGA, then sold Cypriot.

MARIA ANNA SCHULTE, 1870, 1958. West German. Sold within Germany, renamed TEHONGA, then sold Cypriot.

SKAUMA., 1962, 1957. Norwegian. Sold Panamanian.

SOLMICH (K..C. ROGENAES), 5220, 1943. Norwegian. Sold to Taiwan breakers.

STAVROS T. (CATE BROVIG), 10407, 1952. Greek Sold Cypriot.

STOLT AVENIR (AVENIR), 8029, 1949, Italian. Renamed AVENIR S.

STOLTENHORN (GEHEIMRAT SARTORI), 1522, 1951. West German. Sold Cypriot, renamed SEA ROVER.

STOLT LADY (STOLT DAGALI, DAGALI), 12632, 1954 & 1955. Norwegian. Renamed LIDO. This ship was created in 1965 by joining the stern of the tanker C. T. GOGSTAD to the bow of the tanker STOLT DAGALI which had been cut in two in a collision with the liner SHALOM.

TRANSGERMANIA., 8684, 1954. West German. Sold Pakistani, renamed MALAM JABBA.

VICTORIAN MARIE, 754, 1948. Canadian. Renamed BLANC SABLON.

WEISSENBURG, 2818, 1953. West German. Sold Panamanian.

For those who may have wondered, these listings are made up from material appearing in such publications as "The Shipping World and Shipbuilder," and the World Ship Society's "Marine News." Space limitations force us to be very brief and readers should bear in mind that these items may not be as up to date as could be hoped.


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