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It has been confirmed that the CHRIS M. - ALFRED CYTACKI combination is now being operated by Blue Water Towing Co. Ltd. whose head office is shown as Sombra, Ontario, although control rests with one John Emig of St. Clair, Michigan. Mr. Emig will be remembered for his involvement with Midlake Steamship Line and Jemmig Enterprises Ltd. in the early 60's, having operated the canallers H. J. McMANUS and WALLACEBURG.

Elsewhere in this issue we reported the sale of two Hall Corporation vessels to a consortium of contractors, for use in the removal of dredgings from the lower St. Lawrence River. We now learn that a third ship is involved. The Irving interests of St. John, N. B., have confirmed that they sold the former Canada Cement self-unloading bulk cement carrying steamer BULKARIER in October 1971 to the McNamara - Porter - Marine Industries group. It had earlier been reported that BULKARIER had been sold to Irish interests but the ship obviously did not cross the Atlantic and had apparently reverted to Irving ownership.

More information is now available concerning future construction at Collingwood Shipyards. Hull 200 will be a self-unloading bulk carrier for Algoma Central. Hull 201 and 202 will be twin tugs of 1000 HP each for Marine Industries and are intended for service at Sept Iles, Quebec. No contract has yet been signed for Hull 203 but this is rumoured to be another self-unloader for Canada Steamship Lines.

Contrary to earlier reports, C. W. CADWELL was not converted to oil fuel while undergoing repair at Kingston last year. Instead she will get the treatment this winter while laid up at Port Dalhousie.

The Columbia Transportation Division straight deck bulk carriers JAMES DAVIDSON and J. CLARE MILLER, currently idle at Toledo, Ohio, have apparently been stripped of certain navigational equipment and have had their cabins sealed. A sale to scrappers would appear imminent.


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