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Friday, January 7th - Paul Sherlock presents an illustrated program on the problems of navigation in last winter's ice conditions.

Friday, February 4th - Thomas E. Appleton, Marine Historian of the Canadian Department of Transport, will give an illustrated address.

Our December meeting was another open slide night and we were treated to some excellent colour photography. At this meeting we also discussed the problem of planning programs which will appeal to all members. Your Executive expressed a desire for help in this regard and Messrs. Gordon Turner and "Scotty" McCannel volunteered to serve on a meeting committee which will eventually be expanded by the addition of at least one more person. Although we do have a number of programs tentatively scheduled, we should like to have, or perhaps we should say that we must have your suggestions for the future if we are to continue holding monthly meetings. All members who intend to come to any of our meetings are requested to write the committee (in care of the editorial office if they wish) giving their thoughts on the subject.

The Editor also requested the assistance of members in suggesting items which they would like to see appearing in the newsletter. This applies particularly to fleets or individual ships to be studied. Contributions of articles would also be much appreciated so that your Editor may have more time to work on features for future publication.

New Members

A very warm welcome goes out to the most recent addition to our membership roll, Richard T. Nicholls who is currently serving with the U. S. Coast Guard on Governors Island, New York.



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