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The Editor's Notebook
Marine News
Ship of the Month No. 162 Clark Bros.
Sandusky Bay Reflections
1956-1957 Lay-Up Quiz Answers
Shipbuilding at Kingston
Lay-Up Listings - Winter 1987-1988
Back in Steam?
The End Of The Halco Fleet
The Continued Saga of Thomas Wilson and Ashland
Another Former Laker Lost During Scrap Tow
Table of Illustrations

T.M.H.S. member Jim Bearman advises that he has available colour photos of many lake vessels, all of current interest and taken since 1983. The quality would seem to be excellent, if we may judge from a sample provided. Prices (in U.S. Funds) are $2.00 for 3x5 or 4x6, $6.00 for 5x7, and $10.00 for 8x12 prints. For further details and a listing of photos available, address Jim Bearman, 2493 Smiley Way, Jackson, Michigan 49203, U.S.A.


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