Sandusky Bay Reflections

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Sandusky Bay Reflections
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The End Of The Halco Fleet
The Continued Saga of Thomas Wilson and Ashland
Another Former Laker Lost During Scrap Tow
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One of the most staunch supporters of the restoration of Sandusky's double-ended sidewheel ferry steamer G. A. BOECKLING has been T.M.H.S. member Gordon Wendt of Sandusky. We earlier reviewed his books In the Wake of the WALK-IN-THE-WATER and Strangers in Our Bay, and we noted that Gordon had generously donated the proceeds from the sale of both volumes to "Friends of the BOECKLING" in order to assist with the financing of the ferry's restoration. Now Gordon has produced a third book, and again it has been donated to the BOECKLING project. Sandusky Bay Reflections is a modest, 49-page softcover, illustrated with many photographs. It contains numerous short items concerning Sandusky's waterfront and bay, the ships that ran there, and the men who owned and sailed them. Of particular interest are short biographical sketches of some of the most famous skippers of the Bay's best-loved passenger boats.

The book costs $6.50 (U.S. Funds) and may be ordered from Friends of the BOECKLING, 209 West Water Street, P.O. Box 736, Sandusky, Ohio 44870, U.S.A.


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