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The Editor's Notebook
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Ship of the Month No. 162 Clark Bros.
Sandusky Bay Reflections
1956-1957 Lay-Up Quiz Answers
Shipbuilding at Kingston
Lay-Up Listings - Winter 1987-1988
Back in Steam?
The End Of The Halco Fleet
The Continued Saga of Thomas Wilson and Ashland
Another Former Laker Lost During Scrap Tow
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Our January meeting was a real joy, with many members participating in our theme slide show and giving novel interpretations to our subject, "Pilothouses". A most enjoyable evening was had by all. Our thanks to those who brought slides, to Bill Wilson for chairing the meeting, and to Roger Chapman for serving as projectionist.

Please reserve the evening of Saturday, May 14, for our ANNUAL DINNER MEETING. Details concerning cost, programme, etc., will appear in the March issue so that you may order your tickets well in advance of the dinner. Plan to attend this event and help us to celebrate the Twentieth Anniversary of our Society.

Special thanks are extended to all of the many members who pitched in and assisted us in the preparation of the extensive listing of winter lay-ups which appears in this issue. Any follow-ups will appear next month.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Richard N. London of Toronto, to Miss Marjorie Patterson of Toronto, to Norbert Shacklette of Villa Ridge, Missouri, and to Capt. Sydney Van Wyck of Owen Sound.


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