Shipbuilding at Kingston

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In the December issue, we commented upon the sale of CONDARRELL, (a) D. C. EVEREST (81), to McKeil Work Boats Ltd., Winona. We put foot firmly in mouth when we said that she was the last vessel built at Kingston. We should have said that she was the last major freight vessel built there, for the Kingston yard did not close until 1968 and, after the EVEREST appeared in 1953. it-constructed a number of smaller vessels, such as ferries, tugs, work boats, etc. We thank Donald Page (under whose supervision the EVEREST was built) for bringing the error to our attention. He also reminded us that EVEREST had only one engine, not two as we had stated, and commented that even this was one too many, for the Fairbanks-Morse Model 37E engine gave nothing but trouble throughout the working life of the ship.


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