A. H. Ferbert - A Correction

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A. H. Ferbert - A Correction
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It was with considerable mortification that we learned of an incredible error which appeared on Page 4 of our November issue. In discussing the sale for scrapping of the tinstack "Super" A. H. FERBERT and her departure from the lakes, we indicated that she had been built in 1942 by the American Shipbuilding Company at Lorain. We have no idea how an error of this sort crept into our text, nor how it passed our proof-reading, but we thank Bill Luke for bringing it to our attention. Of course, the FERBERT was built in 1942 as Hull 289 of the Great Lakes Engineering Works at River Rouge, Mich.

Bill has also drawn our attention to the fact that two of the "Supers", namely A. H. FERBERT and IRVING S. OLDS, were launched the same day, May 22, 1942, on the first U.S. National Maritime Day. It was OLDS that came from the AmShip yard at Lorain, Hull 825. And if FERBERT's final voyage from the lakes was eventful (in a sorry sort of way), her very first trip also was newsworthy. Bill recalls that the FERBERT grounded in the St. Mary's River on her maiden voyage and had to be returned to the G.L.E.W. shipyard before she delivered her first cargo of iron ore.


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