A Marine Society for Rochester

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A. H. Ferbert - A Correction
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Algerian Revisited
Ship of the Month No. 159 Cabotia
The November Meeting?
A Marine Society for Rochester
Additional Marine News
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The Rochester Marine Historical Society, affiliated with the Lavery Library of St. John Fisher College, has been organized to promote research on the history of shipping on Lake Ontario, especially as it pertained to Rochester, the Genesee River and the south shore of the lake, and to preserve records, photographs and memorabilia. Archives are already established, which contain the most extensive collection of Van Cleve materials in one location. No formal dues are required and at present no publication is projected. For information about this group, which meets bi-weekly at the college, contact Rochester Marine Historical Society, c/o Mr. Robert Gullo, Library Director, Lavery Library, St. John Fisher College, 3690 East Avenue, Rochester, New York 14618.


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