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Soon it will be lay-up time again (can it really be?), and accordingly we would like to remind our members that we will be pleased to receive their lay-up lists for inclusion in our winter issues. Once the navigation season has ended, please visit your local port, note carefully the names of all vessels wintering there, and send us a report. Please do not assume that someone else will send in a report in respect of your local harbour, for it might be that nobody else will and that we will have no report at all unless you give it to us. And remember that duplicate reports are not a bother to us; in fact, they are particularly useful in that they serve as confirmation of the information.

We hope to present our main report in the February issue, with any follow-ups to appear in March. So please lend us your support in this annual project. "Scanner" is your publication and it will stand or fall on the basis of your support.


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