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The Editor's Notebook
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A. H. Ferbert - A Correction
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Algerian Revisited
Ship of the Month No. 159 Cabotia
The November Meeting?
A Marine Society for Rochester
Additional Marine News
Table of Illustrations
1 HIAWATHA and the passenger steamer R. G. STEWART are seen at Duluth sometime between 1882 and 1889.
2 HIAWATHA is loading ore at a Lake Superior port in this spectacular photo dating from the 1890's.
3 SENATOR DERBYSHIRE (left), CABOTIA and JAMES W. FOLLETTE (right) are laid up at Montreal in this photo taken during the winter of 1918-1919.
4 The wrecker CORNWALL, lighter HARRIET D., and grounded CABOTIA are seen at Main Duck Island in an August 1919 photo. Willis Metcalfe collection, courtesy Lorne Joyce.

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