The Last Voyage of Red Wing and Frank A. Sherman

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The former Upper Lakes Shipping straight-deckers RED WING and FRANK A. SHERMAN were sold for scrapping in June of 1986. They subsequently were taken in tow by the deep-sea tug CANADIAN VIKING, bound for Taiwan. To put to rest suggestions that misfortune had befallen CANADIAN VIKING during the trip, we are pleased to present herewith detail provided to our member, John D. Henderson of Victoria, B.C., by Capt. W. B. Church, owner of the tug. The notes trace the movements of CANADIAN VIKING from the time she left Vancouver for the east coast, until the arrival of the tug and tows in the Far East.

Departed Vancouver August 30, 1986. After two days, stopped in San Diego, California. Arrived in Panama September 17, 1986 (Balboa side). One day through Panama Canal, departed September 18, 1986. Arrived Shelburne, Nova Scotia, September 27, 1986 - doing repairs to tug. Departed Shelburne October 10, 1986 - running light. Arrived Quebec City October 14, 1986 - tows not ready (two ships, RED WING and FRANK A. SHERMAN). Departed Quebec October 26, 1986. Arrived Miami, Florida, November 21, 1986 - took on fuel. Departed Miami November 23, 1986. Arrived Cristobal, Panama Canal, December 10, 1986 - working on tows. Departed Panama December 31, 1986. Arrived Honolulu, Hawaii, February 12, 1987 - trouble with RED WING, almost sinking. (No details provided - Ed.) Departed Honolulu March 6, 1987. Arrived Kaohsiung, Taiwan, April 25, 1987 - with both ships. Handed ships over to scrapyards, April 30, 1987. CANADIAN VIKING awaiting next tow.

Although it would appear that nothing major happened en route, we would still like to know the full nature of what happened to RED WING near Hawaii...


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