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In the Mid-Summer issue, we commented further on the loss of the old Toronto Island ferries ISLAND QUEEN and KATHLEEN, burned at Hanlan's Point in 1918. We mentioned Capt. John Leonard's recollections of conversations with Capt. Nelson Miner concerning the fire, but we erred when we stated that Capt. Miner died in 1947. He joined the Toronto Ferry Company in 1912 and retired from the Toronto Transportation Commission (which took over the boats in 1927) during 1947. for reasons of health, but he lived until March 1, 1960. After he left the ferries, he did some sailing and was mate in SEGWUN during one of the last summers she ran before being taken out of service in 1958. He also was relief mate in CHARLES DICK for a short period during 1958.

John Leonard also notes that, on several occasions, we have referred to Burlington Bay as forming the harbour at Hamilton. That is how we have always known that body of water, and we are not alone in this respect. John, however, relates that when he did the same whilst serving as mate in CHARLES DICK and making up the trip sheets, the company's office corrected him, advising that the name was officially changed to Hamilton Bay in 1917. And so it presently appears on the charts, which we would have known had we looked. But why check what we thought we knew? It just goes to show that the researcher of things marine should never take anything for granted!


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