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In the Mid-Summer issue, we requested the assistance of our members in suggesting vessels to be featured in our Ship of the Month series. We received some interesting comments in this respect and will act on them as soon as possible. One of the most frequently requested features is one detailing the history of the small, wooden-hulled, passenger steamer CARIBOU which, from 1904 until 1946, operated out of Owen Sound on the "Turkey Trail" route through the North Channel of Lake Huron.

We have been reluctant to feature CARIBOU simply because, although we knew the history of the ship herself, we did not have enough anecdotal material concerning this little boat that was, for so many years, the supply line for the towns along the North Channel. We knew that this material must be available but we have not had access to it. Now, however, several members have already begun to assist us in preparing a CARIBOU feature, and we would ask the assistance of anyone who can tell us about the activities of this ship over the years, particularly in the form of personal reminiscences of the ship or the crews that served in her. And if anyone should happen to have a deck plan of CARIBOU that we might copy, we would be grateful to hear from them.

We have always said that "Scanner" is your publication. This is your chance to prove it by helping with this project. References to CARIBOU have appeared in other publications, but we want our feature to be the definitive history of CARIBOU, and with your help it can be just that. Won't you please let us hear from you if you have any information that would help? Thank you.


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