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-- J. W. Purvis Marine Ltd., of the Canadian Soo, has purchased a tug in the U.K. and will take delivery of her this fall. She is AVENGER (Br.304381), which has been acquired from the Alexandra Towing Company (London) Ltd. Constructed in 1962 by Cochrane & Sons Ltd., Selby, and powered by a British Polar diesel with controllable pitch propeller, she is 110.0 x 30.0 x 14.5, 293 Gross Tons.

-- On Page Six of this issue, we report the sale of DREDGE PRIMROSE for conversion to a marina restaurant at South Pickering. During the night of October 2-3, PRIMROSE arrived at Toronto in tow of the tug ATOMIC, and the rusting remains of the old dredge were moored at the far east end of the Leslie Street slip. We shall await further developments with great interest.

-- At long last, it would seem that GOLDEN HIND, the last upper laker remaining in the fleet of the Groupe Desgagnes Inc., will see active service. The 33-year-old steamer, (a) IMPERIAL WOODBEND (54), has been idle at Toronto since the autumn of 1983. but she began to fit out on October 7th. It is to be assumed that her reactivation is related to the recent increase in grain shipments to the ports of the lower St. Lawrence River.

-- On Page Three, we comment upon the activities of the former C.S.L. package freighter FORT YORK, now run as a barge by Charpat Transportation Inc. We have a report that FORT YORK ran into legal difficulties on October 3> but we have no details. Then on the afternoon of October 6, while the barge was upbound in the Huron Cut in tow of TUSKER and GLENADA, she took a sheer in the current and strong winds and forced a large sailing yacht onto the rocks near the Dunn Paper plant. The yacht was damaged and several persons aboard were injured. FORT YORK continued on into Lake Huron and then took another sheer, forcing the downbound MYRON C. TAYLOR out of the channel in the area of buoys 7 and 8. The TAYLOR was not damaged but it is likely that legal action will result from the incident involving the yacht.

-- A new company, known as ULS (Atlantic) Leasing Inc. was incorporated on July 2, 1985, and it seems likely that this firm will be associated with the operation of the passenger/freight vessel now being built at Port Weller.



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