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After previously announcing that the first meeting of our new season would be held at the Marine Museum on Friday, October 4, we were forced to alter our plans and postpone the meeting until October 11th. The reason for this change was the frenzy which was aroused by the stretch run of our Blue Jays baseball team for the American League east championship, and in particular the rivalry which developed between the Jays and the New York Yankees. The first game of the crucial final home series of the Jays' regular season was scheduled for October 4th, and the Yanks were the visitors. By early September, it was evident that the game would be a complete sell-out, and that anyone trying to get to our meeting would have to fight through a crowd of more than 45,000 ball fans, all of whom would probably be attempting to enter and leave Exhibition Park at about the same time as would anyone going to our meeting. This would create an absolutely hopeless transportation and parking problem, and we had no alternative but to postpone our gathering.

We attempted to notify as many regularly-attending members as possible, and we regret any inconvenience that the change in meeting date may have occasioned. In the future, if any change of meeting date from the usual "first Friday" should be necessary, we will attempt to notify members well in advance .


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