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As members who regularly attend T.M.H.S. meetings will be aware, parking facilities are available immediately adjacent to the Marine Museum of Upper Canada in Exhibition Park. On most meeting nights, nothing else is happening in the area, and the lot is free and unattended. On nights when other events are taking place in the Park, attendants are on hand to collect parking fees from persons entering the lot. In past years, persons attending our meetings have been passed into the lot free of charge, upon advising the attendants that they were going to the Museum.

However, the management of Exhibition Park has recently had a change of heart in respect of this policy, claiming that a considerable loss of revenue was occasioned through unauthorized persons being allowed into the lots without being charged for parking privileges. We have attempted to make other arrangements, such as having T.M.H.S. members passed in free upon presentation of their membership cards, but the Toronto Historical Board has been unable to get the park management to agree to any such procedure.

As a result, it will in future be necessary for T.M.H.S. members to pay parking fees upon entering the lot if an attendant is on duty. It appears, however, that the Historical Board will be able to achieve reimbursement for such fees for us, and we would ask any members who are forced to pay upon entering the lot to save their parking receipts so that reimbursement may be arranged.

We sincerely regret this inconvenience, but can do nothing to avoid it.


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