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The Editor's Notebook
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MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS FOR THE 1985-86 SEASON ARE NOW DUE AND PAYABLE. Our new season begins in October and we hope that all our loyal members will renew for the coming year. Fees remain at $15.00 per annum and, as we cannot afford to send individual billings, we would appreciate your early remittance addressed to Mr. William R. Wilson, 173 Glenrose Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4T 1K7. THIS IS THE LAST ISSUE THAT WILL BE SENT TO THOSE WHO DO NOT RENEW. Our Treasurer expresses his thanks to all those who have already paid their fees. Won't you please join them, if you have not already done so?

It is difficult to believe that this is the beginning of our eighteenth volume of "Scanner", the seventeenth with Ye Ed at the helm. How time flies when one is having fun! Truly, the production of "Scanner" is a fun experience, even though printing deadlines are often onerous. We are pleased to have so many members share the fun with us by contributing to "Scanner", and we extend sincere thanks to those who have sent such kind comments with their membership renewals. Remember that "Scanner" is YOUR publication.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to John J. Little of Sarnia, to Garfield Jenner of London, to Jack Finegan of Goderich, to Kim Simpson of Toronto, to Fred Miller II of Port Huron, to Jason LaDue of Hamlin, N.Y., to Jim Bearman of Jackson, Michigan, and to John D. Henderson of Victoria, British Columbia.


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