Hydrofoils Rediscovered - Again!

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Hydrofoils Rediscovered - Again!
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Last issue, we mentioned seeing the hydrofoils PRINCE OF NIAGARA and QUEEN OF TORONTO on a wharf at Port Everglades, Florida, in early February. We enquired as to the whereabouts of the third sister that was on the Toronto to Niagara-on-the-Lake route in 1980, namely PRINCESS OF THE LAKES. George Ayoub has advised that the third boat was given back her original name in 1984, thus becoming (c) PRINCESS OF THE WAVES. Her new operators are Crown Cruise Line S.A. (Panama), and Grundstad Maritime Overseas Inc. are managers. This appears to be a charter but we do not know where the hydrofoil is running.

Incidentally, whereas QUEEN OF TORONTO and PRINCE OF NIAGARA had blue hulls, a narrow white stripe and red boot-top when on the lakes, they now have orange-red hulls with a narrow white stripe and a light blue boot-top. Their cabins remain white.


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