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In the January issue, we reprinted part of the 1925-26 lay-up list which appeared in the January 1926 issue of "Canadian Railway and Marine World". This item has provoked comment from several members. We questioned whether NORMAN B. MacPHERSON (60), (b) LOADMASTER (71), (c) ILE D'ORLEANS, still exists and Rene Beauchamp has confirmed that she was dismantled at Sorel during the winter of 1979-80 by Rivement Ltee., of St-Hyacinthe, Quebec.

Regarding EDWIN T. DOUGLASS (59), (b) P.S. BARGE NO. 1, Bob Graham of Massena N.Y., advises that, during the summer of 1983, she was operating not as a lighter at Montreal but rather as a self-propelled spoil barge in the Orleans Channel and Brule Bank area. The most interesting part of his news is that she was once again running under her original name, EDWIN T. DOUGLASS. Bob has no knowledge of her whereabouts since 1983, but perhaps some other member may have such information available.

Arthur A. Worth, a former Customs inspector from Port McNicoll, saw our layup list and sent a note of the masters of the various ships that wintered at the port that year. They were as follows: EMPEROR - D. W. Burke; J.H.G. HAGARTY - Peter McKay; W. GRANT MORDEN - C. E. Robinson: VALCARTIER - James Reoch; WESTMOUNT - J. F. Davis; ALBERTA - Frank S. Middleton; ASSINIBOIA - James McCannell; ATHABASCA - Murdy McKay; KEEWATIN - M. McPhee; MANITOBA - F. J. Davis; ARLINGTON - J. F. Rock; EASTON - J. Harden; RIVERTON - George Bunting. As well, it would appear that GLENEAGLES, GLENCAIRN, GLENIFFER and GLENSHEE may have spent the winter at Port McNicoll that year.

We also asked how many of the ships from our list were still active. We guessed four, although of those ILE D'ORLEANS must now be deleted. Several boats are still extant as breakwaters, etc., and KEEWATIN is a museum on Lake Michigan. George Ayoub suggests that there is another "still in the records, active or otherwise", and he invited other members to identify her. George indicates that a clue to her identity can be found in the same issue of "Scanner" as that in which the list appeared.


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