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Was There Ever a Red Cloud?
Hydrofoils Rediscovered - Again!
Ship of the Month No. 137 W. C. FRANZ
How To Burn Bunker Oil - Or - An Instruction For Steam Engineers
Comments Upon An Old Lay-up List
Additional Marine News
Table of Illustrations
1 Young photo, dated 1910, shows URANUS upbound above the Soo Locks.
2 The camera of the late James M. Kidd caught W. C. FRANZ unloading at Toronto Elevators on September 9, 1934, just over two months before her loss.
3 Jim Kidd climbed the stairs at the bayward end of Toronto Elevators to catch this scenic view of the deck of W. C. FRANZ on September 9, 1934.
4 Her bow damage never repaired, EDWARD E. LOOMIS lay in the Buffalo City Ship Canal after the FRANZ collision. Kidd photo is dated October 29, 1938.

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