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Member Rene Beauchamp advises that his index of Seaway Ocean Vessels - 1984 is now available. Now in its second year of publication, the index has a photo page insert, and lists all salties that entered the Seaway for the first time in 1984. It shows the date on which each ship first entered the system, her first lake destination, her flag, year of building and gross tonnage, together with previous names and year of change. The index is a must for anyone who follows the salties that visit our Great Lakes.

Those interested should address Mr. Rene Beauchamp, 9043 Bellerive, Montreal, Quebec H1L 3S5. The index costs only $3.85 postpaid. A few copies of the 1983 index are still available, and cost only $2.25 if ordered with the 1984


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