A Return to Cape Trinity

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7. Ship of the Month No. 114 Stuart H. Dunn
Timber Droghing - What Was It?
Captain Robert A. Sinclair
A Return to Cape Trinity
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Rosedale Revisited
The Steamer Put-In-Bay Appreciation Society
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Our March 1982 Ship of the Month No. 109 featured CAPE TRINITY, enlarging upon Ship of the Month No. 8 of May 1970. We did our best to fill in a number of blanks relating to the history of this interesting vessel but we have since uncovered even more information. We had mentioned our impression that the ship, as SYRACUSE, had not operated during the 1918 season. Member George Ayoub has now confirmed that SYRACUSE was not in operation during 1918 and that she spent that season laid up at Sorel. He also indicates that the steamer was inspected at Sorel on June 11, 1919, and then at Montreal on June 27. and then entered service on the Montreal - Saguenay River route. We had previously thought that SYRACUSE/CAPE TRINITY did not go into the Saguenay service until 1920.


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