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7. Ship of the Month No. 114 Stuart H. Dunn
Timber Droghing - What Was It?
Captain Robert A. Sinclair
A Return to Cape Trinity
Vessel Passages From Happier Times
Rosedale Revisited
The Steamer Put-In-Bay Appreciation Society
Additional Marine News
Table of Illustrations
1 The date is October 21, 1982, as the stern section of JOHN B. AIRD is launched at Collingwood. Photo by James M. Kidd.
2 This excellent photo by the late Rowley W. Murphy shows STUART H. DUNN unloading a cargo of coal at the Toronto Electric Company Ltd. wharf at the foot of Scott Street, across the west end of the Church Street slip on the old Toronto waterfront.
3 A spirited Murphy photo, c. 1908, caught STUART H. DUNN being towed out the Toronto Eastern Gap by the steam tug NELLIE BLY.
4 The ultimate indignity for a schooner is illustrated in this Murphy photo as, c. 1910, a workman saws off STUART H. DUNN's bowsprit during her conversion to a coal barge. The locaiton is Toronto's Church Street slip.

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