The Editor's Notebook

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The Editor's Notebook
Marine News
7. Ship of the Month No. 114 Stuart H. Dunn
Timber Droghing - What Was It?
Captain Robert A. Sinclair
A Return to Cape Trinity
Vessel Passages From Happier Times
Rosedale Revisited
The Steamer Put-In-Bay Appreciation Society
Additional Marine News
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MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS: Concerned that you might have forgotten to send us your renewal fees? Not to worry. If you receive this issue, you are paid up in full for the 1982-83 season. However, if any of your friends should mention that they have not received this issue, you might remind them that the reason is that they have not sent us their renewal.

We have been very pleased by our members' response in sending renewals and thus expressing their support for our Society. We are particularly gratified to receive so many kind comments accompanying renewals, notes expressing your feelings regarding this publication. We are most appreciative of your remarks and your continued support of the Toronto Marine Historical Society and our efforts to bring you the type of publication that you desire. We will do our best to maintain our usual high standards.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Melvin McInnis of Niagara Falls, to Terrance S. Doyon of Sarnia, to Bessie C. Barrett of Toronto, to David B. Torrence of Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, and to Robert L. Woodcock of Weston. Ontario.


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