"Scanner" Back Issues Available

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Upper Lakes Shipping Book Published
Ship of the Month No. 108 Midland Queen
John Raymond Smith
"Scanner" Back Issues Available
Winter Lay-up Listings - 1981-82
Annual Dinner Meeting
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The rather considerable increase in the size of the T.M.H.S. membership list in recent years has depleted our stock of available back issues to the point where we find ourselves sold out of many issues, and with only a few remaining copies of many others. Those that are left, however, take up valuable space that we really cannot spare for them, and we would like to clean out as many of them as possible.

Back issues will be sent to you for the price of $2.00 each postpaid. Just address the Editor and let us know the earliest copy you have. We will either ship to you any prior issues that are available and bill you according to the number supplied, or else, if you wish, you may request certain specific issues, which will be shipped if available. Please remember that we will not be able to supply straight runs of any particular volume, except for the most recent.


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