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The Editor's Notebook
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Ship of the Month No. 108 Midland Queen
John Raymond Smith
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Winter Lay-up Listings - 1981-82
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The January Meeting featured members' slides taken aboard ship and we were treated to some excellent views. Unfortunately, the winter weather did its thing with a vengeance and prevented many of our regulars from attending. We did have a chance to welcome to our ranks several out-of-town members who persevered and pushed through the snow. We were happy to have them with us for the evening.

Please take note of the change of programme for the March Meeting. Mr. Fortier, of Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd., had to rearrange his schedule unexpectedly, and he will be coming to speak to us at a later date.

We thank our members for responding so enthusiastically to our requests for lay-up listings. We still require reports for certain ports, however, and we hope that we will receive these in time for our March issue.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Capt. W. L. Cruickshank and Capt. Leonard Bartlett, both of Owen Sound, to Thomas Brodeur of Midland, to P. Doherty and Capt. Elliott Dawson, both of Thunder Bay, to Larry Tonnos of Los Angeles, and to Robert Siegrist of Thornbury, Ontario.


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