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The Liberian purchasers of LOWELL THOMAS EXPLORER have left her under the Panamanian flag but have renamed her ROYAL CLIPPER. She was still at Montreal on November 23.

When Westdale Shipping's self-unloader BROOKDALE was unloading a cargo of soya beans at Toronto's Victory Mills on November 23, she dumped a large part of her cargo into the holds of THORNHILL. This is most interesting because we had understood that the old steamer would be used only for the storage of soya mash.

COVE TRANSPORT is not the only Halco tanker which has been sold to West Indies Transport. It now develops that CAPE TRANSPORT has been sold to the same firm although her new name is not yet known. Over the last week or so of November, CAPE was stripped of almost everything from deck level up so as to prepare her for a tow to salt water via the Erie Canal, a routing designed to avoid winter on the North Atlantic. We understand that both she and her sister will be used as barges to carry water in the Caribbean. WIT (COVE) TRANSPORT, meanwhile, had been towed from Sorel on November 18 by WITSUPPLY II (ELMBRANCH) but somehow she managed to go aground near Matane, Quebec, on November 19. She was freed on the 23rd and was taken to Baie Comeau. At the time of this writing (29/11), it was not known whether she had sustained damage serious enough to postpone her journey southwards.



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