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The Editor's Notebook
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The November Meeting was an interesting evening of marine films. We were again pleased to see a number of our out-of-town members in attendance and we look forward to seeing even more of them at future gatherings. It was good to have our President, Bruce Smith, back with us; we doubt that our members could have withstood another evening with Ye Ed at the helm! Our thanks are due our hard-working Program Chairman, Gordon Turner, for finding the films to present for the assembled faithful. It is not an easy job to locate films of marine interest.

This is our Tenth Anniversary Christmas Issue and we have for you a most unusual photopage. Two of the most rare lakers as far as photos are concerned have been EUGENE C. ROBERTS and NISBET GRAMMER, both the objects of intense searches for many years by marine historians. In a major photographic coup, "Scanner" this month features both ships. EUGENE C. ROBERTS comes to us in a Deno photo from the Earl D. Simzer collection, courtesy of George Ayoub, Ottawa. NISBET GRAMMER is from the collection of Robert J. MacDonald of Erie, Pennsylvania. Both of these gentlemen deserve our thanks for their considerable generosity in making these most rare photographs available for reproduction for the enjoyment of our members.

The 1977 navigation season is rapidly drawing to a close. It has been a season of many surprises for the shipwatcher and of disappointment for some due to the lack of ore cargoes on the upper lakes. But now, in the words of a famous lake historian of yesteryear, the cold lake smokes and it is time to lay up.

The Executive Committee of the Toronto Marine Historical Society extends to each of its members the very best of wishes for a Merry Christmas and for success and prosperity in the New Year.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to W. J. Bullock of Toronto and to Thomas E. Warner of Southampton, Ontario.


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