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In the October "Ship of the Month" feature which dealt with NISBET GRAMMER, we mentioned that only two units of the fleet of the Eastern Steamship Company Ltd. survive today. How wrong we were! The odd part of it is that we have no idea how we managed to overlook EDWIN T. DOUGLASS which, of course, is still in service as the salvage lighter P.S. BARGE NO. 1, now owned by McAllister Towing and Salvage Ltd., Montreal. Our thanks to Rene Beauchamp for bringing this unforgiveable editorial error to our attention.

Readers may recall that in the December 1971 issue, we presented a history of Kirkwood Steamship Lines of Toronto, which operated a package freight service between Quebec, Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton, as well as a similar service from Toronto and Hamilton to Vancouver via the Panama Canal. We mentioned that the company operated the steamer GREYPOINT which we identified as (Br. 121234), (a) RATHLIN, 252 x 35 x 17, Gross 1128, built in 1905 at Glasgow. We should have spotted the fact that these particulars belonged to a different ship, as the GREYPOINT which ran between Toronto and Montreal was certainly not of full canal size.

Our thanks go to George Ayoub of Ottawa for pointing out that the correct details should read as follows:

GREYPOINT, (a) OLAF WIJK, (b) POLWICK, (c) OLAF WIJK. (C.140427). Steel steamer built 1891 at Stockholm. 195.9 x 28.1 x 14.6, Gross 793, Net 455.


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