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The newest unit of the fleet of the Algoma Central Railway was launched at Collingwood on October 29th. The vessel is a virtual sister of the C.S.L. stemwinder self-unloaders J. W. McGIFFIN and H. M. GRIFFITH and will be followed from the Collingwood yard by yet another such vessel built to C.S.L.'s order.

Meanwhile, Algoma's converted saltie ALGOSEA was christened in ceremonies held at Port Colborne on October 19th. The conversion work is not as yet completed and ALGOSEA has not entered service at the time of this writing. It is expected that she will only be able to make one trip this fall before the close of lower-lake navigation.

It is not often that we hear of the activities of former lakers in their new roles on salt water and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate when we are able to obtain information of this nature. We have learned that the former Paterson canaller SARNIADOC (II) is operating in the Gulf of Mexico area under her new name of COLORADAS. She was reported as trading in July to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

Another former laker now operating on salt water is the old Q & O canaller FRANQUELIN (I) which later ran on the lakes and St. Lawrence River as (b) PRINCE UNGAVA and (c) JEAN TALON. She went to the Caribbean as (d) SOVEREIGN OPAL and during July was reported as trading into the Black Sea as (e) FALCON III. Some of our long-familiar lakers are indeed travelling far from their former home waters.



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