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It is possible that some of you may be worrying about whether you remembered to renew your membership in the Toronto Marine Historical Society. Not to worry, for if you receive this issue, then you may be assured that you are paid up. Now for those who do not receive this issue, it is a different story....

Speaking of memberships, we can advise that renewals this year have gone very well. The Society is constantly growing, which is just fine except that your editor and secretary get writer's cramp every month addressing envelopes. But we would urge all our members to show "Scanner" to any of their friends who may not already receive it. The more members we have, the easier it is for us to keep producing a good journal on an up-to-date basis without the need for increasing membership rates, an unhappy prospect looming on the horizon for each publication which is forced to rely upon the services of the post office for delivery.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Gerald W. Hutton of Hamilton, to C. H. Maltby of Syracuse, New York, and to Rev. Raymond M. Donahue of Dearborn, Michigan, and to Doug Bell of Hamilton.


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