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Ever since Ye Ed. took over the task of pounding a typewriter for this journal, we have received various enquiries from readers seeking information about certain vessels or companies. We have tried our best to answer these questions, with varying degrees of success, we might add, but the suggestion has been made that we should reply to such enquiries in these pages.

We are more than willing to give this suggestion a try, subject of course to the limitations of space which the format of "Scanner" imposes upon us. We do not propose to print here the answer to every question we may receive, but we will try to include the more interesting ones and we will throw open to our readers those enquiries for which we cannot come up with a reply ourselves .

Our first such question comes from Jim Kaysen of Cedarburg, Wisconsin, who has asked about the scrapping of the Q & O steamer OUTARDE (II) . We know that she left Quebec on April 29. 1974 in tow of the tug FAIRPLAY X, bound, we believe, for Spain, but we have never received a report on the date of her arrival nor at which port. Can any of our readers supply this detail?


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